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Content Patcher recreation of warix3 mod, so it can be used with JSON Assets and other previously not compatible things.
It changes 2 recipes, so every sprinkler (except the normal sprinkler) requires the previous quality sprinkler instead of a bar in their recipes. So you don't have to throw away your old sprinklers, and instead you can use t

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This mod changes 2 recipes in the game, it replaces the iron bar in the quality sprinkler recipe with the normal sprinkler. And it replaces the gold bar in the Iridium Sprinkler recipe with a quality sprinkler.

Before this mod many people have chosen not to even make the normal sprinkler or even the quality sprinkler because it would be a waste because it would be replaced with the iridium sprinkler anyway in the future. Now it's not a waste anymore to make normal and quality sprinklers, because you will need the normal sprinkler to make the quality one and you will need the quality one to make an iridium sprinkler.

This mod is balanced, because now overall quality and iridium sprinklers cost more, because you need another sprinkler instead of an ingot to craft them, but you are also getting more value of them because you won't be wasting the old sprinklers.