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All giftable NPC have they own Bundle - each bundle is one NPC Favorite gifts (sometimes 2 NPC)

Permissions and credits
Bundles change to:

    Pantry/0: "Gus/
    Pantry/1: "Elliott/
    Pantry/2: "Haley/
    Pantry/3: "Leah/
    Pantry/4: "Maru/
    Pantry/5: "Penny/
    Crafts Room/13: "Alex/
    Crafts Room/14: "Caroline and Pierre/
    Crafts Room/15: "Dwarf/
    Crafts Room/16: "Wizard/
    Crafts Room/17: "Sandy/
    Crafts Room/19: "Shane/
    Fish Tank/6: "Demetrius and Robin/
    Fish Tank/7: "Jas and Vincent/
    Fish Tank/8: "Lewis and Marnie/
    Fish Tank/9: "Sam/
    Fish Tank/10: "Harvey/
    Fish Tank/11: "Abigail/
    Boiler Room/20: "Linus/
    Boiler Room/21: "Emily/
    Boiler Room/22: "Sebastian/
    Vault/23: "2,500g/
    Vault/24: "5,000g/
    Vault/25: "10,000g/
    Vault/26: "25,000g/
    Bulletin Board/31: "Evelyn and George/
    Bulletin Board/32: "Krobus/
    Bulletin Board/33: "Clint/
    Bulletin Board/34: "Pam/
    Bulletin Board/35: "Willy/
    Abandoned Joja Mart/36: "Jodi and Kent/

Vault bundles price are the same as Vanilla.

About bundle rewards I change only the Craft room rewards: (rest are the same as Vanilla)
Wizard - 5 Red cabbage seeds
Dwarf - 5 Garlic seeds
Alex -  5 Warp Totem: Farm
Shane - 5 Ran Totem
Sandy - 5 Architoke seeds
Caroline and Pierre - 5 Warp Totem: Desert

To install unpack .rar file and replace the Bundles.xnb in the "Stardew Valley\Content\Data" folder. 
I would suggest creating a backup of the original file before replace.

Bundles are for English language in game - when you change language Bundle will be from Vanilla version.

I like to place all giftable NPC so some of Bundle are with 2 people (couple).
I only change Craft bundle rewards because I don't really like orginal rewards from it. Rewards from others are fine so I don't change it.
Bundles in general are randomly choose to random room but 1st Bundle (Craft room) should have some easier Npc Bundle to faster unlock other rooms.