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Adds upgrades for your Producer Framework Mod machines that allow them to process much greater quantities, change the resulting quality, and more! Automate compatible.

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Mass Production allows you to modify your machines to handle much greater quantities than before. Any machine that uses Producer Framework Mod  
can take an upgrade to multiply it's throughput. This also has integration with Automate to fulfill all of your factory needs!

WARNING: This mod conflicts with PFMAutomate and the Automate functionality of machines with mass production upgrades will not work with both installed. However using this mod alone will duplicate the functionality of PFMAutomate.


Recipes for the upgrades will be sent through the mail once you reach certain milestones. Once crafted, these upgrades can be installed on a suitable machine by right-clicking on the machine with the upgrade kit in hand. The machine will now have the icon of the upgrade on it and will start behaving differently once it is ready for it's next input.

Currently only machines that take inputs are supported.

The upgrades available are:
  • Basic: Uses 10x the input for 10x the output without taking any more time. Unlocked once you've earned 100,000G total.
  • High Volume: Uses a whopping 50x the input for 50x the output at only 2x the regular time. Unlocked once you've earned 500,000G and the Basic upgrade.
  • Efficient: Uses 8x the input for 12x the output and takes 20% less time to process. Unlocked once you've earned 1,000,000G and the Basic upgrade.
  • Golden: Uses 10x the input for only 8.5x the output and takes 20% longer to produce, but all output will be gold quality! Unlocked once you've earned 2,000,000G and the High Volume upgrade.
  • Iridium: Uses 10x the input for 7x the output and takes 40% longer to produce, but all output will be tip-top iridium quality! Unlocked after you've learned the Golden upgrade and have completed the Community Center or Joja Warehouse.

New with 1.1:
  • Unreliable: Uses 5x the input for 1x to 15x the output, but is cheaper to craft than the Basic upgrade. Unlocked after the Basic upgrade.
  • Electric: Same as the Basic upgrade but doesn't require any coal or battery packs as fuel for the recipes. Any coal or batteries used as the main ingredient are still required though. Unlocked once you've earned 200,000G total and the Basic upgrade.


Modders can add new upgrades through content packs. Check my Github (linked at the end of the page) for examples.


  • Add ability to create byproducts.
  • Expand range of unlock conditions, including support for Expanded Preconditions Utility
  • Input quality allowing change in output quantity and production speed.
  • Support for the Crystalarium.

If you can think of anything you'd like to see, please post a comment.


A lot of this mod was built from Digus' work on Producer Framework Mod and PFMAutomate, and also Machine Augmentors by SlayerDharok .


Source code: Github