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This mod gives some spooky (but cute) costumes to the 3 cat types in the game.

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This mod gives your cat pet four costumes to choose from, which you can configure for each 3 cat types!
The 3 cat types get these spooooky costumes:
  • A very round pumpkin costume (dogs got a hat, cats get a cute hood!)
  • A sparkly wizard costume (I joked to the wizard about giving a cat a wand, and he had the look of absolute dread on his face)
  • A terrifying skeleton costume (the wizard had lots of magic dye left over from the dogs)
  • A frightful ghost costume (again, totally not just a sheet with holes in it)

How to Install:
  • Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  • Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
  • Extract the mod into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
  • Generate the config.json file in the mod folder by running the game, then closing it.
  • Open the newly generated config.json on a program like Notepad and change the options to what costume you would like for each cat. Check the costumes folder for reference pictures and the names for each costume. The "False" setting removes the costumes and reverts them back to their vanilla textures.
  • Run the game through SMAPI to play with your spooky costumed cat!

Changing the Cat's Costume:
The config.json contains three options that refer to the 3 vanilla cat textures in the game:




Once you open the config.json file on Notepad, you'll see these lines of text:

"CatGinger": "PumpkinCatGinger",
"CatGrey": "PumpkinCatGrey",
"CatYellow": "PumpkinCatYellow"

By default, each cats are set to the pumpkin costume. To change the costume, simply change the name next to the cat option into the name of costume that you want. The names can be seen in the reference images in the Costumes folder in the mod. Setting the option to "False" will remove the costume and revert the cats to their non-spooky vanilla textures.

For example, if you chose the second cat option in the game (CatGrey) and you wanted to give your cat a wizard costume, open your config.json file on Notepad and change the "PumpkinCatGrey" option next to "CatGrey" into "WizardCatGrey".

To uninstall, delete the mod from your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

Now you can enjoy the Spirit's Eve festivities with your spooky cat pal! Have fun!

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