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About this mod

Port for Content Patcher! With or Without Flowers!

Permissions and credits
  • This mod is only a Port. Please take all the credit to the Author(a) Sephiya.
  • Author(a) love the look of nature taking over man-made things, so decided to take the vanilla Fence and cover it in vines.
  • There are two options in config, with and without flowers in the vines.
  • The versions is individualy, download what you want, works on all seasons.

How To Change Version // Como Mudar Versão

  • !EN_US!
  • The Default is with flower.
  • Open the file "config" with you text editor.
  • In the line called "FenceStyle", Change "flower" to "no flower".
  • Fence1 is Woodem. Fence5 is HardWood.

  • !PT_BR!
  • O Padrão é com flor.
  • Abra o arquivo "config" com seu editor de texto.
  • Na linha chamada "FenceStyle", Mude "flower" por "no flower".
  • Fence1 é Madeira. Fence5 é Madeira de Lei.

How to Install // Como instalar

Install SMAPI. // Instale SMAPI.

Install Content Patcher. // Instale Content Patcher.

      Unzip it into "Mods" folder. // Descompacte na pasta "Mods".

  Run the game using SMAPI. // Execute o jogo usando SMAPI.

              To uninstall, delete it. // Para desinstalar, basta excluí-lo.
  • Thanks again everyone!
  • Obrigado novamente a todos!