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Oh no! They are here!
Transform your farmer into something... else.
Changes the base head of the farmer.

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Fall Creatures!

This mod changes the base head of the farmer. 


They are here! 
Choose from 5* creature variants to replace the farmer head and become something else!
Match or mismatch them with hairstyles, accesories,  hats  and maybe custom costumes from another mods!

If you are making a new farmer. The hair type "Num. 53" is the one with no hair (Shown on the screenshots)


Install the requirements above
Unpack inside the Stardewvalley/mods folder

Open the config file and edit it to the creature of your choice.

Note : While this mod requires the Muscular farmer mod, that mod can be fully deactivated in its config file.

Config Options :

inside the config file  you will find the field : 
"Race": "wolf",
Default to "wolf"

Here are the possible inputs :


They are not limited to the night anymore!. Roam as a furry beast in the valley day and night alike!.


This disgusting monsters have other ideas regarding to livestock...  Townspeople better watch their backs!


Mindless humans who craves more brains. They go super well in the classic rotten green and the futuristic bloodless blue.


They had enough of being harvested fall after fall.  Now they are the ones..... HaRvEsTiNg!!!....


Do you ever RylehFtang bro?.  Forbidden ones comes from the depth to recruit cultists to their dark cause.

(squid is limited to the male farmer*   When you choose this, a patch is made to delete the undershirt to discover more tentacles, Thing that cant be done to the female because SFW. )


You are just a human.