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Decorates the Crab Pots with flowers that change depending on the day and season. Also adds festival decorations on festival days. Alternative animated swan/pelican skins as well.

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Cute Crab Pots

Inspired by sangsaa's Flower Crab Pot mod, I decided to use the concept from my Flowery Straw Hat mod and apply it to crab pots.

Also includes Bird Crab Pots alternative Swan/Pelican reskins of the vanilla crab pots, these will require Content Patcher Animations (CP-A). By default the mod is set to Flowery Crab Pots. See config section below.

Table for the dynamic decorations:

Make sure to have the latest versions of the required mods:
- Content Patcher

- Alternative Textures (Only required for the optional AT version)
- and Content Patcher Animations (optional just for the Bird Crab Pots)

There are 2 config settings for this mod, run the game once to generate a config file. The default is Flowery Crab Pots, this includes all the dynamically changing flowers and festival decorations.
The optional setting is Bird Crab Pots, this includes the animated Swan and Pelican crab pots. The Swan will replace the vanilla crab pot except on the beach where it will be an animated Pelican.

Let me know what you think or leave some suggestions if you got any ideas.