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Animates the portraits of Anthro Characters Continued, eventually including Stardew Valley Expanded.

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Gervig91 made an Animated Bouncer Portrait as a proof-of-concept. I liked the concept. I decided to take it and run with it...

...and that's how I ended up plotting to animate all the characters in Stardew Valley, plus Expanded.

But! I prefer playing with the Furry Overhaul Mod, Anthro Characters Continued. So, of course, that means I'm animating Starfur Valley instead (Furdew Valley? Stardew Furry? What are we calling this thing?). You will need that mod to provide the overworld sprites, as well as portraits for the characters I haven't animated yet (or don't, and enjoy human sprites who suddenly turn into animal portraits; I'm not telling you what your game should look like). The animations are small: eye blinks, ear twitches, smiles that widen into momentary grins before settling down again. But it does bring a certain sense of life to the portraits.

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Later Future Plans
Everyone else!

Version History
0.15 Finished Sam. Figured out how to point at Expanded portraits (it's somehow...identical to base characters, despite being in the mod folder? Must be some TMX magic or something), so I added Victor as well. While he's still Sam's recolored double in style, he's no longer identical thanks to animation; Victor is a little more subdued, while Sam is bouncier (his little brother is all-but-called ADHD, which runs in families, so it makes sense for Sam to be a little fidgety). And Sandy was just for fun, because she doesn't get a lot of attention and I had the neat idea of compound eye refractions. Her first and last portraits are identical in base, but this time, I animated the last one to extend a proboscis, so they're no longer identical (even though I'm pretty sure she's a rosy maple moth, which doesn't have a proboscis, but they also don't have a mouth, which she already does, so nyeh, she gets one). It just makes her appear more silly and playful.
0.1 Alpha release of the Bouncer and parts of Sam's expressions, mostly just to say I'm doing it.

Gaveliere for the original anthro characters
sion9000, Krystedez, and the rest of the Anthro Characters Continued team
Lycanthropire for the SVE anthro patch
Gervig91 for figuring out how to animate portraits
InanZen for a really nifty little online sprite animator that lets me check animations without hunting down characters and hoping they'll play the one I need