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herbivoor and seitanicbean

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! This is a compatibility mod and does nothing on its own !

Replaces the crops and artisan goods added into Stardew Valley Expanded's Map with those from cometkins' Better Crops and Foraging and Better Artisan Goods. Requires both mods to work and also supports Gweniaczek's Medieval SVE

Permissions and credits

Not updated for 1.5 or SVE 1.12+, should be ok but some minor issues may remain.
Will no longer be supported due to issues with SVE which we were not previously aware of.
Not setting to hidden so people can still use the mod, but we have no intentions to continue updating unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks for understanding,
- Herb and Bean 

- ❀?❀ -

I really love cometkins' crop and artisan goods reskins, but I can't imagine playing the game without Stardew Valley Expanded at this point and that mod adds a lot of crops and a few artisan goods to the game's maps, which always use the vanilla skins.

....Until now! ^-^

Looking in the community garden and seeing crops with different skins to the ones I grew was weird, so I decided to fix it! 
This mod changes the crops and artisan goods in the community spaces added by SVE, including the grape vines growing on the wineries, to match those from cometkins' mods.

This mod is fully compatible with Gweniaczek's Medieval SV Expanded, and makes similar edits to the applicable parts of her versions of SVE's buildings and objects in line with cometkins' color palette.

- ❀?❀ -


Requires SMAPI, Content Patcher, Better Crops and Foraging, Better Artisan Goods, Stardew Valley Expanded and all its dependencies.
Medieval SV Expanded is not required and you don't need to edit a config (there isn't one) for the mod to use the MSVE versions of the files, it will simply detect whether you have this mod installed and use the appropriate files automatically.

 - ❀?❀ -


The folder for this mod comes with no space between the [CP] prefix and the mod title.

This is intentional and it is very important that you don't change this.

This is a hacky way of making sure that our mod loads last, so that any mods that completely replace SVE's tilesheets don't override the mod. This (hopefully) means that you shouldn't have any compatibility issues with other mods, as long as you don't change the name of the folder.

- ❀?❀ -


You can find a complete basics guide to modding here. For the vast majority of mods (including all of mine), simply follow that guide and then extract the .rar or .zip file provided by the modder into your Mods folder.

- ❀?❀ -


❤ Thank you so so so much to the lovely cometkins, FlashShifter, and Gweniaczek for letting us make this, as well as for posting your awesome mods in the first place! ❤

As always, an enormous thank you to my lovely datefriend seitanicbean for helping with all the complicated json stuff, staying up til 1am with me screaming at tilesheets, as well as helping gather permissions from the other modders. 

Other mods used in screenshots:
- Flower Valley by KAYA/jina2ya
- Girls Sets, Hats Pack, and Hair Sets by Coii
- Eemie's Just A New Map Recolour 
- A Toned Down Stardew Valley - Updated by LavenderLight and minervamaga
- Stardew Foliage Redone - Foliage Only by Hesper/DustBeauty
- Gwen's Medieval Craftables by Gweniaczek