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Spawns ores, geodes and gems on your farm with high configurability.

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Improve the quarry of the Hill-Top farm. Or make your own quarry on any farm map. Or make the whole world just one giant quarry!

With this mod you can:
1. Set your own coordinates for the quarry.
2. Set what types of items you want to spawn. There are ores and geodes that spawned originally, and also gem nodes and mystic stones that didn't.
3. Set spawn chances.

  • All spawn chances depend on daily luck and most of them on your mining skill.
  • Luck has greater effect on the more rare/valuable items. On the very lucky day (dailyLuck = 0.1 in the game code) it can triple (x3) the
  • chance for iridium ore and quintuple (x5) the chance for mystic stone.
  • More details in the included readme file.

1. While v1.6 added an option to configure spawn chances for every ore separately, for the sake of balance I don't recommend changing them. Also keep in mind that config shows only base chances that are further modified by different factors.
2. If you want similar functionality for default Stardew Valley quarry in the mountains check "Better Quarry" mod. Although, with v1.7+ it is possible to configure this mod to spawn items in areas other than Farm, so if you don't need minerals spawning (as it is the main difference between MatF and Better Quarry at this moment), you can replace it with MatF
3. For better experience recommended using together with "Mining with Explosives" mod.

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI
2. Unpack the downloaded zip file and place it's contents into the Mods folder
3. Load a character to create a config file for that character.
4. Close the game and tweak configs to your liking. If you want to reset all settings to default, delete existing config file and the next time you load the game a new config will be created.
5. Play the game.

Configurating settings
1. Set coordinates for the upper-left and bottom-right corners of the area where ores can spawn. There 3 ways to see what are the coordinates for your desired area:
1.1 Using tIDE. The obvious downside to this method - you need to read how to unpack/repack map files and how to use tIDE - so, unless you already have experience making custom maps, this method is not recommended.
1.2 Using Stardew Valley planner. Upload your save file, toggle coordinates in options and they will be shown at your cursor position. Downside: Stardew Valley planner doesn't work with custom maps (it will show one of the standard layouts), so if you're using custom map this method isn't really good.
1.3 Using debug mode. Since SMAPI 1.1 turning on debug mode requires this mod.
2. Set soil type for tiles where ores can spawn. There isn't uniform best answer for all the maps, but generally using "Diggable" will cover the most tiles, though on the forest map "Grass" is also a viable option.
3. Set the probability of getting a certain type of item with item specific chance settings.
4. For more detailed description of config options read included readme file. Seriously, read it.