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Inspired by beta version, this mod brings a new portrait to Maru with volumous curly brown hair and a bit darker skin. Sprites added. HD portrait optional.

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This mod is inspired by Maru's beta portrait versions mixed with my own art style (rukabravo), resulting in a Maru with volumous curly brown hair and a bit darker skin. I also changed her glasses to a new model one respecting the red color and a new hospital uniform too. Also changes the sprites. Hope you like it!


There is two folders in this mod:
1. Is the normal portrait mod, doesn't need any additional mods.
2. Is the high resolution portrait mod, which needs the Portraiture Mod.

How to install:

1. The normal mod folder goes in the MOD folder. You'll only need Content Patcher and SMAPI, of course. That's all. :)

2. The high res mod is a bit different, there are four steps. (considering you already have the Portraiture Mod)

First, the whole file goes in the MOD folder
(/Mods/[rukabravo] Curly Maru HD (Requires Portraiture Mod))

Second, create a new folder with the name "CurlyMaru" here: /Mods/Portraiture/Portraits. It'll become: /Mods/Portraiture/Portraits/CurlyMaru

Third, copy the two PNG images from here:
[rukabravo] Curly Maru HD (Requires Portraiture Mod)\assets\Portraits
to the new folder you created in step two.

Fourth, In the game, whenever you talk to someone, press P button so you can change between vanilla portrait and the mod portrait. You just need to set it once. And that's it!


I'm looking forward to do all the other characters' portraits in my style so it doesn't looks off to the other characters in the game so if you'd like to see the other's portrait please let me know! I'd feel really motivated to do it quicker :) 


This is my first mod ever so if you notice any bugs or have a suggestion feel free to pm me. Thank you and may your parsnips grow healthier than ever!

(I also wanted to make it compatible with Seasonal Outfits, but since my portrait is not in front view, I'd have to redraw all of the clothig, so it would take a long long time, so maybe in the future...)