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Recolor some areas, mostly the interiors.

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This mod was originally made by me for myself, but since I kind like the results I've decided to share, but please keep in mind that this is my first time creating a CP mod, so may not be perfect. Please let me know if you find any mistakes I did not noticed before release!


What will change?

Here you will find minor changes at Caroline's Greenhouse, Coop Tiles, Town Interior, Elliot's Shack, Mermaid Room, Movie Theater, Submarine and a few other tiles sheets (honestly some of the barely make some difference lol, but I was scared of ruining everything trying to remove something). The big difference is the Witch's Swamp and Hut.


How to Install:

  • Make sure to have SMAPI and Content Patcher;
  • Put the unzipped folder named "[CP] Amahra's Interior Recolour" in the Mods folder of your game files;

I really hope that you all can enjoy it! ♥


Read, if you want to:

Finally I've update the mod to work with the 1.5 update, sorry it took me so long.
In this version you'll find an option for bathhouse/spa, you can choose between blue or teal/aqua colors, but also can turn it off if you already use a mod for that place :-)
The main idea when I was recoloring the spa was that Joja wanted to make something that looks nice but its very cheap to make, so they can make their name with the community without spending too much. That is why everything looks like is made of plastic and cheap (although now that I'm writing this I believe Joja just opened the way to the Spa :-P , but what is done is done).

Willy's boat got a paint job after the restoration, also the rust no longer exists. 
The new island maps were also recolored, but the color balance was not bad (imo), for that reason the changes are very minimum.

♥ Once again, I hope you enjoy the mod. Thank you for the download and feedback ♥