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Animates the spring-type well from Medieval Buildings, in toned colors.

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Medieval Buildings contains a lovely little spring-style well (especially nice with Animals Need Water, as it lets your animals drink from wells and I doubt cow hooves are very handy with a bucket and crank), but it's static despite having a waterfall. So, I took the sprites and animated them. Water flows, plants ripple in a breeze, leaves bob on the surface, and the winter ice sparkles and drips (yes, it's seasonal just like the original). I only did the toned colors, with the greener rocks in autumn, because that's the file set I personally prefer and this was enough of a hassle that I don't care to repeat it. The animation isn't perfect (my pixel animation skills leave much to be desired), but I think it's serviceable.

All credit for the original Medieval Buildings belongs to Eemiestardew, with the Content Patcher version and well by Gweniaczek.