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Pelican town got his own currency!
Choose from the 3 most popular options :
Gold/Silver or Tacos (Animation version included!)

Permissions and credits
Hyper Realistic Coins !

About :

Pelican Town is famous enough to get his own type of currency.
(This changes the money icon and the Money-reward sprite)

It requires Content Patcher animations... But there are options to turn off the animations (for static sprites).
It is default to have animations.

Installation :

-Download the requirements above
-Unpack this file inside stardewvalley/mods folder

Config :

You can choose from 8 coin options in the config file :   (Added a txt file for easy copy pasting for other type of keyboards)


A more refined version of the original coin engraved with beautiful patterns.

The conmemorative coin in celebration of all the seasons where  you can grow crops, but winter.
Adorned with a field full of flowers, 4 types of grass and a farmer stealing a chicken.

Made with 200% more gold, filled inside with diamonds to bring luck to the user.

One of our favorites!  It pictures the mystical creature of the valley : "The wild Marshmellow"

In one of the impressions, a very rare coin was produced for accident, portraying 2 half marshmellows looking to each other.
We can now do that accident on prupose for mass production, making the collectors cry and roll in the parsnip fields.

A Silver....   coin...   yes!

A  beautifully refined silver coin, engraved with the wild marshmellow dancing in the starry night, while moonlight jellies swim in the distant beach.

"It was my idea!"   -Lewis

I guess we can take a gold nugget, smash it once with a hammer into a gold tortilla and thats it.
(This disables the mod)

Animations :   ///to turn on or off the animations / Need CP-Animations  /   Default : "true"

PileAnimations :     //There is a pile of money sprite for rewards.  This enables/disabled the sparkle animations (Very pretty tho) 
Default : "true"

///Also, the 3 piles of new currency are replaced with each respective coin above for static images in automatic.


Conflict :
If you have  "Starblue"   
It will replace this mod.
So you may want to go to Starblue config file and change "Interface" to "false".
You can add a dependecy. so my mod load last.
Wont show if you have other mods making changes to the interface.