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Changes the Adventurer's Bundle to instead be the Gemologist's Bundle, requiring gemstones instead of monster loot. Pairs well with Non-Lethal Weapons and pacifist runs as a whole. Includes adjusted reward options!

Permissions and credits

This mod changes the Adventurer's Bundle to instead be the Gemologist's Bundle. Pairs well with Non-Lethal Weapons and pacifist runs as a whole.

The requirements will now be 2 of the following combinations:
  • 1 Ruby
  • 1 Diamond
  • 3 Topaz (stacked)
  • 3 Emerald (stacked)

Draylon made Non-Lethal Weapons, and I was excited about it, so I wanted to change the community center bundle to remove one way that killing monsters is required, thus, this mod was born! 
For pacifist runs, I also recommend Mineral Mage (be sure to check that mod's requirements!), as that gives you an alternative way to get monster loot, which you'll still need to craft certain artisan equipment.
Draylon also published Monster Crops, which lets you grow the monster loot as a crop.

If you're already using a mod that changes the Adventurer bundle, it will conflict with this mod.

This mod requires SMAPI and Content Patcher (CP) to work.

Version 2.0 introduces more configuration options!

Description: Leave as "on" to use this mod. Set to "off" to turn off the mod. Default is "on."

Description: Choose true if you want to have a modified reward. Choose false if you want to have the vanilla reward (small magnet ring). Default is "true."

Description: If RewardModified is true, choose slime (for slime charmer ring) or magnet (for regular size magnet ring). If RewardModified is false, choose N/A. Default is "slime."

Note that the mod does not come packaged with a config file. The config file will be generated after you run the game with the mod installed at least once.

1. Install SMAPI (version 3.7.3 or higher)
2. Install Content Patcher (CP) (version 1.19.0 or higher)
3. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods
4. Play the game using SMAPI!

Delete the folder for this mod from your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

Pathoschild, author of SMAPI and CP, without them, this mod wouldn't be possible.
Thanks very much to kdau for creating the Stardew Scroll Generator, to make the mod description headings nicer and more on brand :)
Everyone in #making-mods in the Stardew Valley Discord, who are a helpful and friendly lot!

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Tiny reminder: endorse the mod if you like it. It means more people will see it, and it makes the author happy. :)