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Wind now blows through Stardew Valley. Watch your crops, grass, trees, and bushes sway in the breeze!

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Wind Effects

Wind now blows through Stardew Valley. Your crops, grass, trees, fruit trees, and bushes will sway when blown by a breeze.


  • By default, the wind will be enabled on 50% of days. Change the config setting to a different number (between 0 and 1) to control this. 0.5 = 50%.
  • When it's a windy day in SDV, wind will be enabled regardless of the above setting. It'll also spawn more, faster wind.
  • When wind is enabled, it'll change direction occasionally.

This mod affects the local player only. In multiplayer, you won't affect other players if you have it installed.

Requires SMAPI by Pathoschild.
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