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Adds a few Non-Lethal weapons, to aid in avoiding monsters. For People doing non-lethal runs, want non-lethal options, or think its hilarious to watch a ghost get punted off screen. Also Good for not killing the slimes in your slime hutch!

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This mod is Fairly Simple

It adds 2 new weapons, both deal no damage and have good to great knockback to get foes away from you.

The Electric Prod (Weaker) can be bought from Robin for 2,000. (You can think of it as a Maru invention, or something Demetrius keeps around to keep his girls safe.
The Force Wand (Stronger) can be bought from Krobus for 10,000. (Makes sense for him to be familiar with the mystical, and to have something to keep himself safe.)

Due to how the game calculates sell value for weaponry, the Electric Prod will cost you ~3k to sell (as in you lose money when you sell it) and the Force wand will cost you ~800 to sell.

Install all the required mods, listed in the requirements section above
Download the zip
Unzip the contents, it will have a Folder in it. 
you need to move that folder into your mod folder (which is inside the stardew valley folder).