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A bundle of 5 unique mods that adds Joja seeds, crops, animal products, artisan goods, and other unique Joja items to the game.

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"Tired of buying overpriced seeds from lying jerks at your local General Store?
Want to invest in your community without a greedy, money-laundering mayor getting in the way?
Wish there was a way to grow quality crops in less time, with less effort, to earn more money?

"Try our new 'Joja Modified Organism' products (JMO's)!
(Available now at your local JojaMart with the purchase of Membership*)

"You'll have exclusive access to all the farming innovations from our Board-Approved Joja Farms, including:
- Joja Animal Products (Joja Modified Milk, Joja Modified Eggs, Joja Modified Steak, and much more!)
- Patented Joja Blue Seeds (Cheaper than local seeds, grows more produce in less time, and doubles your chances to yield!)
- Joja Blue Crops available for purchase year-round (Crop availability varies depending on season and stock)
- Access to pre-made "Joja Value Meals" for purchase, for the busy farmer on the go!
- Joja Fruit Trees that produce Joja Modified Blue Fruit!

"Along with purchasing unique grocery stock, JMO products also allow you to:
- Make your own Joja Blue Preserves, including unique products like Joja Blue Sake!
- Pickle many unconventional items such as Joja Blue Wheat and Joja Unmilled Blue Rice.
- Obtain a 'rare' in-game item from the Joja Truck Driver (secret note)**
- Purchase a mysterious new item from Krobus in the sewers**
- Take a nice 'trip' with our "special" Joja Blue Tea!**
- Produce your own Joja Brand™ Oil from our Joja Blue Corn
- Get drunk in the comfort of your Joja Brand-Affiliated Farmhouse with new Joja Blue Beer, Joja Blue Pale Ale, and Joja Blue Wines!

 Future Mod Goals:
- Pickle other items such as Joja Eggs and Joja Blue Saurkraut
- Mill and process your own Joja Brand™ cooking items such as Joja Blue Wheat Flour, Joja Blue Rice, and much more!
- Get Joja Brand™ recipes sent to your home from our Joja certified chefs
- Start farming our new Limited Edition Joja 'Controlled Substance' products, such as Joja Blue "Grass" and much more!
- Raise, butcher, and harvest Joja Animal products from your own Joja Modified Farm Animals!

"Joja Modified Organisms:
'They're Joja Blue and good for you!'"

Karen Alderwood

Head of Internal Merchandising,
Joja Corporation®, Lifestyle Division

*Must have completed the Joja Warehouse (with all community upgrades) before products become available
**Warning: Reference to drugs and drug usage. Not intended for children. 

If players want to use "Joja Mega Crop Bundle" without any drug references:
       1.  Remove the "Joja Coke" folder from Mods section or simply do not drag/copy it into the Mods section of Stardew Valley during download,
       and then,
       2. Go into the folder "Joja Crops"--> "[JA] Joja Crops" --> "Objects"--->"Joja Blue 'Nose Powder'" and delete the folder,
       3. And to remove Joja Blue Tea, go into folder "Joja Crops"---> "Objects"--->"Joja Blue Tea" and delete that folder as well.

(Joja Corporation ltd.® is not responsible for any and all possible effects and/or side-effects of "Joja Coke™" (a.k.a. "Joja Blue 'Nose Powder'") which may result in personal injuries and all other damages sustained by the user(s) of said products and/or any wrongful deaths caused by the negligence, wrongdoing, conduct and/or omissions of other companies, entities and/or individuals. Always read and follow the label. Joja Coke™ is not right for everyone. User discretion is advised.)

- SMAPI 3.5 or later
- Content Patcher
- JSON Assets
- Better Artisan Goods Icons
- Enhanced Preconditions Utilities
- Mail Framework Mod
- Producer Framework Mod
- Shop Tile Framework

**PLEASE DON"T DOWNLOAD THIS MOD FROM SITES OTHER THAN NEXUSMODS!** NexusMods is the only website I've uploaded this Mod to. If you see this mod on any other website(s), it has have been uploaded by someone else without my permission. Please only upload this Mod from Nexus :) Thank you!