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Redraws the NPC parts for building Random Visitors so they fit with Anthro Characters Continued.

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Random Visitors makes Stardew Valley a little more lively. Anthro Charactes Continued makes it a whole lot more furry. This mod combines the two, so your random visitors can also be generic furkin (some sort of cat-dog hybrid things? I tried to keep the species nonspecific). As of right now, all the 0.3.5 NPC "building parts" have been redrawn: ears have been moved up the head, noses have added rhinaria, the mouth is curved into a little smirk (was too lazy to do a full muzzle, so cat smiles it is), and walking sprites have tails; the addition of tails and ears meant cutting holes in the clothing and hair overlays, and the places in the hair where human ears showed are now covered.

I'm not much one for Content Patcher, so for now, you'll have to overwrite things. Download and install Random Visitors, and then unzip this mod into Stardew Valley > Mods > RandomNPC and let it overwrite the assets folder. It contains only pictures, so if you've edited the text files (e.g. renaming everyone or creating custom skin tones) they should remain untouched. If you're already in the middle of a game and would like to make everyone furry, this shouldn't be a problem; it'll just start drawing them with the new sprites on next load.

Credit to aedenthorn for the original Random Visitors mod and NPC bases, and Gaveliere and sion9000 for the furry overhaul.