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Build yourself some decorative, seasonal garden arbors from the TMXL buildables menu! Now with Flower Valley and side versions!

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I always wanted garden arbors in my game but I was too lazy swamped with other mods to get it done until now.

This mod adds 16 types of arbors (plain and flower valley versions of: ash wood, chocolate wood, iron, and white stone, as well as a side version of each of these colors.), each of which can be purchased from the TMXL buildables menu. Each arbor costs 500g, and requires 75 fiber, as well as 50 wood (ash), 50 stone (white), 5 iron bars (iron), or 25 hardwood (chocolate).

It's possible to line up the arbors in order to create arbor tunnels, but only in the north to south direction. If you want to make a tunnel, MAKE SURE YOU START FROM THE BACK AND WORK YOUR WAY FORWARDS. Because of the way tmxl buildables patch the game, starting from the front and adding more arbors behind sometimes overrides the tiles on the front. Starting from the back helps avoid wasting your resources and cash trying to fix mistakes.

If you want to try to make tunnels from right to left, I suggest building over shadows (from right to left) to avoid weird patching as well.

If you decide you no longer want the arbors, you'll need tor remove them from the buildables menu; don't worry if the game shows left over tiles at first; reloading the game after saving the removal will fix the problem right away.

Thanks to Kaya, who created Flower Valley and gave me permission to edit her assets for the Flower Valley Arbors!

Special thanks to Fwippy who very kindly edited the seasonal assets for the flower overlays!

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