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Joja has seeds all year round, because every season is Joja-season!

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Have you ever wondered why JojaMart, an alleged super-powered grocery store, doesn't even sell seeds year round? Well, wonder no more, because now they do!

As it says on the tin, with Joja Always Has Seeds, JojaMart will sell seeds all year round. There are some seeds JojaMart doesn't carry in vanilla game; they still won't (refer to the wiki page on Crops). You'll receive a one-time letter from Morris when you install the mod advertising the change in stock.

keepsyou requested this, so I made it! 

With  Lore-Friendly Joja Prices you'll see discounted prices for the seeds, before and after becoming a Joja member!

Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE)
 modifies JojaMart so that they sell the seeds year-round, so if you use SVE, don't use this mod!

Additionally, if you're using this mod, you don't need Joja Plans Ahead (or the Joja 'May' Plan Ahead version).

This mod requires SMAPI and Shop Tile Framework (STF) to work. Mail Framework Mod (MFM) is optional; with it you get the letter, but it's not required for functionality.

1. Install SMAPI (version 3.6.1 or higher)
2. Install STF
Optional: if you'd like to receive the letter, you'll also need to install MFM
3. Unzip the mod folder of your choosing into Stardew Valley/Mods (if you don't want the letter or don't use MFM, delete the folder beginning with [MFM]).
4. Play the game using SMAPI!

Delete the folders for this mod from your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

keepsyou, who requested the mod!
EscaMMC for the sweet mod title.
Gervig91 for the wonderful phrase, "every season is Joja-season."
Pathoschild, author of SMAPI, without them, this mod wouldn't be possible.
CherryChain, author of Shop Tile Framework (STF), without them, this mod wouldn't be possible either.
Digus, author of Mail Framework Mod (MFM), without them, the letter component of this mod wouldn't be possible.
Thanks very much to kdau for creating the Stardew Scroll Generator, to make the mod description headings nicer and more on brand :)
Everyone in #making-mods in the Stardew Valley Discord, who are a helpful and friendly lot!

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