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This mod just makes Starfruits continue to produce more fruit after the first harvest.

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So heads up, this is my FIRST time modding. I really wanted a working Starfruit mod that would allow any Starfruits on my farm to continue producing after the first harvest. As not many people seemed to care much about making a working version of this, I decided to take matters into my own hands and try modding for once. 

This mod is similar to the "More Crops Regrow" mod by strobel1ght. However, this mod is ONLY for Starfruit. Strobel1ght's mod focuses on making other crops and Starfruit regrow along with making other crops grow during the Winter season such as Kale, Parsnip, and Wheat. However, as of writing this, Starfruit on that version of the mod doesn't seem to be regrowing.

If you'd like to check that mod out, here's a link:

("More Crops Regrow" by strobel1ght)

Some people expressed that they preferred only having Starfruits regrow instead of having a bunch of other plants regrowing as well. This mod aims to accomplish that.


If you'd like, check out pl611's mod "Sweet Gem Regrow." This mod allows for Sweet Gem Berries to keep producing more fruit after the first harvest.



  • Content Patcher



- Simply download, unzip the file, and place the "[CP] Starfruits Will Regrow" folder into your Stardew Valley, "Mods" folder.

- Config.json file is generated upon launching the game. (Allows you to change the number of days before next Starfruit harvest)


- Remove/Delete the "[CP] Starfruits Will Regrow" folder from the "Mods" folder.



- strobel1ght's "More Crops Regrow" mod for some of the coding.
- pl611 for help with coding and helping to add compatibility for "Better Crops and Foraging"