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This is a simple mod that changes the name of "Cave Carrot" in the game to "Cave Root".

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Hello all! Beast here.This is my first ever mod upload. I hope it will be of interest to some people!

What It Does:
  • Simply changes the name of the item Cave Carrot to "Cave Root" instead.
I've tried to locate and alter all mentions of "Cave Carrot" in-game aside from the item itself, but if I missed anything, I'd really appreciate a heads-up!

  • I like using mods that add carrots to the game, and I wanted there to be more distinction between this item and actual carrots.

Possible Conflicts:
  • Anything that edits the item "Cave Carrot" or the related events/quests.
Please let me know if you find any!

Please note that you will require both SMAPI and Content Patcher in order for this mod to work.

If you would like to support this and future modding projects of mine, consider endorsing it and/or supporting me on Ko-fi! Thank you.