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Changes the secret statues to look like stone.

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You've found some weird statues in town... they look like extinct species of monster. Who put them here, and why?

This retexture makes the statues look more like stone statues, like the animal statues in the Night Market. I know a lot of people dislike the secret statues, and I wanted to find a way for people to be able to use them, while keeping them mysterious and weird-looking. Each statue is based off of the original counterpart, with colored gemstones for eyes.

??Foroguemon??: Froglike, with horns on its head and a large throat pouch. The gemstones are green.
??HMTGF??: The one with the most changes to its design. It's a trunked creature with long legs, and orange gemstones.
??Pinky Lemon??: An insectoid with long antenna and a chubby body. Its gemstones are pink.

This mod requires Content Patcher to work! Please make sure you have it before downloading this mod!