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This mod add more after marriage dialogue for Leah. She now has at least one unique line everyday.

Permissions and credits
Leah's Marriage Dialogue Expanded

What's new in this version (0.8.1)
Grammatical errors fixed.

This mod adds dialogue for Leah after she become your spouse. The dialogues in this mod include
  • more dialogue for rainy nights
  • more dialogue when Leah's happy (These dialogues play when your relationship with her reach high enough hearts.)
  • more dialogue when Leah's working at the patio.
  • more daily dialogue (In the vanilla game this is the dialogue that play when you interact with Leah on some specific day. This mod adds more dialogues. Now she has one unique dialogue for everyday in the year.)
  • more dialogue for some events

Currently this mod only has english dialogue.

Writing style
I retain every line written by ConcernedApe in the vanilla game. I only add lines to a day that does not have one and add an alternative dialogue that will be randomly selected between it and the vanilla dialogue that plays when she's happy. I also add some additional dialogue that appear at festivals.
The daily dialogues will often reflect the state of the world such as season or situation. They also include Leah's relationship with people in town and people in her past.
In this mod, Leah is an artist who escaped the rat race in the city when she was persuing her art career. Now she is content to finally be a respected artist and her own person while living away from the burden in the city. She loves the nature around Stardew Valley and the lifestyle. She is her own person and often shares her thought with the person who she can be the most honest version of herself, you.
No established canon is conflicted with this mod. 

Example line
"I'm looking forward to carving ice sculptures tomorrow. I only get to do it once a year, but it's a lot of fun!"
"Summer is almost gone. That means the dance of the jellies! They're so cute don't you think?"

All line (spoilers)


Compatibility and Conflict
This mod contains only dialogue that show if you are married to Leah. There should be no problem with other mods that does not change her marriage or festivals dialogue file.

This mod should be compatible with any version of the game newer than 1.07.
 This mod require SMAPI and Content Patcher to run.

  1. Download this mod from the files tab.
  2. Unzip the content and move the folder "LMDE" to Stardew Valley/Mods folder in installed directory.

This is my first time making a mod. I'm sorry if there is any kind of mistake stemming from my inexperince. 
I'm not a native speaker. Please tell me if there is any line that sounds unnatural or if there is any grammar errors. I'd highly appreciate your help in improving this mod.
If you encounter any bug or inconsistencies please report it to me so that i can fix it.
Any suggestion for future features? please leave it too.

This mod can not be create without the help of SquitzPrime's Content Patcher Dialogue Tutorial. Thankyou for helping people with zero programming skill like me with your fantastic template!