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Gives the Forest Farm layout a little more tillable land by removing some water and adjusting some grass, letting you make straighter paths.
Includes a fix for several bugged tiles in original game (still present as of 1.4.5) that do not allow you to plant trees in certain grass.

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This is a pretty straightforward mod I made to address some frustrations I had with the Forest Farm, which is normally my favorite layout.

First, I was always bothered by the giant pond in the middle blocking me from putting a straight path from the top exit to the bottom exit of the map.
Second, I wished there were just a tiny bit more tillable land in front of the house, and elsewhere on the map, with conveniently straight lines for laying out crops.
Third, I was annoyed at 3 tiles in the grassy area above the large pond that would not let me plant fruit trees.

This mod simply fills in the left side of the big pond, fully removes the southern pond, and shaves a little off the grass and smaller pond in front of your house, giving much more tillable and useable land without sacrificing too much of the flavor or style of the forest map.  The changes aren't huge, just take a look at the screenshots to see what I've changed.

Several people, for years, have been wondering why they can't plant fruit trees in certain spots in the grass north of the pond.
I figured out the problem, and reported it to the developers, but decided to incorporate a quick fix into this mod in the meantime.  If, or when, they patch the game, I will probably go back in and remove the "fix-only" option to cut down on file size.
The fix is included in the default, "friendlier" map on this mod, but if you prefer the original layout and just want those few bugged tiles swapped out, all you have to change is one option in the config file (see below).