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Upgrades to the vanilla horse, with improved animation and color options.

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Horse +

This mod was inspired by, and used resources from:
Horsemanship (Mule palette and details)
Redesigned Horse Running Animation (animation tilesheet)
Elle's New Horses (json coding)

Improvements to the vanilla horse include:
- better animation
- more detailed shading
- cuter face
- ears that bob while running
- a blanket instead of a saddle



Horses come in multiple color options that I will try to keep expanding on.

Adjust in the config file that appears after first load.

This mod requires Content Patcher and SMAPI

There are many excellent horse mods for Stardew, including Elle's that is linked above. Thank you for giving mine a try! I will be continually working on making it smoother.

Also note: In the images you may notice my farmer riding the Burro without reins. That is NOT part of this mod, but rather a personal edit I made to the farmer xnb file (not widely recommended). For info on editting your farmer, see the Stardew Wiki Mod section.