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Allows you to link the contents of chests!

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This mod is still in beta, and there may be issues with deleted or cloned items, especially when using with other mods. I have tested it to the point where I can't intentionally get it to break, so it is stable in theory, but you should be careful anyway.

The Mod:

Requires SpaceCore

Warp Chests is a mod designed to let you link chests together so that their contents will be shared, even if they aren't on the same screen! Different chest groups are determined by the color of the chest.

All you need to do is add a Star Shards item to one chest to designate it as the owner of the group, and a battery pack with Nothing Else to the other chests in the same group. The chests will link the next morning after you sleep.

If you are having trouble getting the chests to link, make sure that you have the star shards item in only one of the chests that are the same color, and that the other chests have only a battery pack. You can also change the required items in the config.json file. Just make sure that the items are capitalized and spelled properly.

If you are experiencing any issues or problems feel free to add a post but please try to be specific and give as much information as possible! It helps me make the mod better faster.

Update 0.5:
I have fixed the issue with Json Assets, as well as the grouping problem with automate. It should now be safe to put chests wherever you want, with whatever machines you want. To add compatibility for Json Assets, I had to add SpaceCore as a dependency. I am still leaving this as a beta mod as I don't think that all of the bugs are gone, but it is very close to having a full release.