Stardew Valley
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There will be price fluctuations for shipping. This mod doesn't effect the sale in stores and returns of trash can. If you want to see the table, press 'Z' key. You can see the table after closing menu of shipping bin.

Permissions and credits
Pickle, Jelly, Juice, Wine, Roe, Aged roe, and Honey are affected by the base. For example, If the price of Parsnip change from 35 gold to 70 gold, then the price of Parsnip Pickle change from 120 gold to 240 gold.

Description of config.json 

- NumberFluctuation : the number of fluctuations in a day. (Default : 15)
- DefaultPercent : the price ratio if you ship unvariable goods. (Default : 100%)
- IncreasingProb : prob of price increase. On the contrary, the probability that the price will decrease is 100-IncreasingProb. (Default : 50%)
- IncreaseMinPercent, IncreaseMaxPercent  :  the price ratio when price increases (Default:50~100%)
- DecreaseMinPercent, DecreaseMaxPercent  :  the price ratio when price decreases (Default:50~100%)

- Categories : category indexes to price change
(Default : Vegetable, Fruit, Flower, Forage, Fish, Animal product, Artisan good, Gem,  Metal, and Syrup)
(Reference :
- WithObjects : object indexes to be added separately (Default : none)
- WithoutObjects : object indexes to be removed (Default : Coal, Ores, Sap,  and Legendary Fishes)
(Reference :

- FluctuationCycle : the cycle of fluctuation. For example, if you set 7, then fluctuation table changes once a week. (Default : 1)
- IsAnounceAtShippingBin : if this is true, you can see fluctuation table after closing menu of shipping bin. 
- MorningPopup : if this is true, you can see fluctuation table automatically in the morning (Default : false)
- IsUseButton : if this is true, you can open fluctuation table by using keyboard (Default : true) 
- Button : the button to display fluctuation table (Default: 'Z')
- BoxLine : product lines to display at fluctuation table (Default : 8)

- IsLimited : if this is true, shipping sales are restricted. (Default : false)
- GoldLimit : Maximum sales per stack. Each stack is distinguished by a different star or color. If you shipped more than GoldLimit, you get back the unsold ones in the morning (Default : 5000 gold)