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All the shop owners sell artisan equipment every Thursday, after you've unlocked it, and earned their friendship!

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Have you ever been rolling in the gold, flooded with cash, or just had some extra money, but you can't craft mayo machines because you don't have enough earth crystals, and you thought to yourself, "it would be great if I could just buy some mayo machines with all this money"? Well, now you can!

With Artisan Equipment for Sale, the shop owners in the valley (and in the desert) will sell different artisan equipment after you have unlocked it, every Thursday, and only to their friends.

This is another mod I've secretly wanted for a while (seriously, with the earth crystals), and after working on Pierre Plans Ahead, I realized I could create it using Shop Tile Framework (STF). It's also listed in the Mod Ideas GitHub list, which reminded me I'd recently learned how to make it work. Thank you to Jonqora and Draylon, who both gave me ideas on how to balance this mod!

To determine what cost for the equipment would be "balanced," I considered the cost of the materials had you crafted it instead, as well as the money-making-capability, or return on investment. Requiring certain levels of friendship with the shop owners also makes it more fun to befriend the shop owners, because now you have access to an exclusive "friends-only sale," oooh~ Please note the balancing was done with vanilla in mind, so if you have mods that change the profit margin or anything like that, your mileage may vary as far as how "balanced" you find this mod.

Mayor Lewis will send you a letter to let you know that artisan equipment will be for sale every Thursday. Please note the shop owners will only sell the equipment if you have unlocked it (i.e already learned the recipe), and if you have sufficient friendship with them.

If you want to know exactly what the requirements are to be able to buy each piece of equipment, see the spoiler:


This mod requires SMAPI and Shop Tile Framework (STF) to work. Mail Framework Mod (MFM) is optional; with it you get the letter, but it's not required for functionality.

Nexus "ate" my latest update to the manifest.json file in the [STF] Artisan Equipment for Sale folder, so while the version number is 1.0.2 on Nexus, the version in the manifest.json file is 1.0.1. Unfortunately, I can't fix this by uploading a new file, because Nexus will just eat the update again. The message to update is harmless, but if you'd like to make it go away, you can navigate to the [STF] Artisan Equipment for Sale folder, open up the manifest.json file in any text editor (Notepad works, I personally use Notepad++), and change the version number from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2.
No longer an issue since there's now a version 1.0.3.

1. Install SMAPI (version 3.4 or higher)
2. Install STF (version 1.0.5 or higher)
Optional: if you'd like to receive the letters, you'll also need to install MFM
3. Unzip the mod folders into Stardew Valley/Mods (if you don't want the letter or don't use MFM, delete the folder beginning with [MFM]).
4. Play the game using SMAPI!

Delete the folders for this mod from your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

Jonqora and Draylon, who helped me with tweaking the requirements to buy the equipment and its availability to balance the mod.
Pathoschild, author of SMAPI, without them, this mod wouldn't be possible.
spacechase0, who gave me some ideas about what to include in the letter.
 to CherryChain, author of Shop Tile Framework (STF), without them, this mod wouldn't be possible either. Extra thanks to CherryChain for their continued help in the Stardew Valley Discord with troubleshooting. 
Digus, author of Mail Framework Mod (MFM), without them, the letter component of this mod wouldn't be possible.
Thanks very much to kdau for creating the Stardew Scroll Generator, to make the mod description headings nicer and more on brand :)
Everyone in #making-mods in the Stardew Valley Discord, who are a helpful and friendly lot!

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