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  • Creating a Swim Mod Info Content Pack

    Swim Mod now accepts content packs! Swim Mod content packs allow you to specify dive locations and edge warps between maps and add features to underwater maps.

    Swim mod content packs don't add maps, so if you want to add your own underwater maps, you'll have to create them yourself and add them using a separate TMXL content pack.

    There's an example mod in the optional files for LemurKat's Escape to East Scarpe mod that has both a TMXL content pack with a new underwater map and a Swim Mod Info content pack to allow diving and add underwater features (more below).  I'm using as the main folder prefix that houses both content packs.

    For info on creating a TMXL map content pack, please see the documentation for TMXL Map Toolkit.

    Swim ...