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If you think Marnie takes too long, speed up animal purchases with MOP.

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This is a tool I developed to help test and debug one of my other mods, Animal Sitter.  It's an interface to the animal store that you use from within a building, thus eliminating the time consuming step of scrolling to select a building (which, if you've ever purchased over 100 animals at once, you know this takes FOREVER).


Walk into an animal building, press "Page Up" and you will be given the animal purchase menu, tailored to the building you are currently in.  Then just purchase and name your animals, and later on drop by Marnie's to say hi and tell her what an amazing shopping experience you had with her mail order service.


keybind: Defaults to "PageUp", this is the key that will bring up the animal purchase menu.
allowOvercrowding: Defaults to false.  Setting this to true will allow you to keep buying animals even after you've surpassed the building's normal capacity (use at your own risk).
enableLogging: Defaults to false.  This enables or disables debug logging.


I probably won't do much further expansion/enhancement development on this, but if you find bugs please let me know and I'll try to get them fixed.