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purchasable greenhouse using TMXLoader.

Permissions and credits
makes it possible to purchase another greenhouse.

costs 350000G, original greenhouse must be constructed already.
requires the following materials in order to construct:

wood: 500
stone: 350
hardwood: 50
iridium bar: 3

  • 1.0.0 - initial release
  • 1.0.1 - increased cost and added resource requirements in order to construct

SMAPI, PyTK and TMXL Map Toolkit

F2 to open TMX buildables menu.
Others > Overgrown Greenhouse


* in order to plant saplings, will require Better Fruit Trees (unofficial update) installed as well
vanilla saplings are not plantable inside, only JA saplings work. the JA saplings will only bear produce during their respective season.

config settings for Better Fruit Trees:

  "Allow_Placing_Fruit_Trees_Outside_Farm": true,
  "Allow_Dangerous_Planting": true

* no seasonal textures. :(

* tested on vanilla/CP farms only. probably not compatible with IF2R or other TMXL farms.

* tested on Single Player only because none of my friends play SDV :(  probably not compatible with multiplayer, not sure.

* some tiles have their orientation shuffled when exiting to Main Menu and reloading the save from there again. will need to exit to Desktop and restart game again in order

* i dont know anything about coding i just wanted more greenhouses. :(

additional assets credit:
additional floor tiles&vines - DaisyNiko
additional flowers -eemie