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JojaNet, Inc (a subsidiary of Joja Corporation) has selected Pelican Town as the next recipient of free fiber Internet! Download now to begin using PelicanFiber, and never leave your house again!!

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Remember that time you wanted to be the Truffle King of the Ferngill Republic?  And you waited patiently for hours until Robin's shop opened so you could commission a barn upgrade, only to realize it was Tuesday and she was off to Pierre's to exercise?  So the next day you finally track her down, and she's going to upgrade your barn so you decide to go pick up some Grass Starter so your pigs will have something to eat when you finally buy them?  Oops, it's Wednesday... silly me, can't buy grass today.  And finally the barn is upgraded, but where in freakin-Ferngill is Marnie?  Definitely not at her shop selling pigs.  WHAT's WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!! I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY!!

All of that can change when PelicanFiber finally comes to Pelican Town.  Just pull up the home page, and access whichever shop you want, even on Wednesday, even on Tuesdays, even at midnight or 6am, even if the bus to the Calico Desert isn't in service.  Won't that be awesome!


Press "Page Down" and start clicking links.  Make sure you have plenty of cash, because they don't accept credit cards.  Qi will accept cash, but you need to have enough supplies when using the Building web site (hackers are busy looking for workarounds to this limitation too).


keybind : default "PageDown".  This is the key that brings up your web browser.

internetFilter: default "false".  There is some rudimentary filtering if you set to true.  The vision for the filtering option is ultimately to make things that wouldn't ordinarily available to you at a certain point in the game inaccessible, in case you're into that kind of punishment.  The default is that you get to buy everything that the sellers have to offer.

I make no judgement about the kinds of web sites you visit.  If you feel like you shouldn't have access to a particular web site because of some game condition that hasn't been met, and my filter doesn't work for it yet-- it's up to you to control yourself, after all this isn't the Gotoro Empire.

giveAchievements: This defaults to "false", however, if you would like to cheat your way to achievements, set this to "true".  When set to true, if you purchase fish, minerals, or artifacts over the internet, your Collections tab will show you as having caught or found these items.  After all, did you find that diamond down in the mines or did you order it on the internet?  Nobody in Pelican Town is going to challenge your claims.  However, if you're worried Grandpa is going to haunt you when he finds out you've been pulling the wool over his eyes, then leave this set to false.


A few things about the Junimo Bundle shop... you can purchase these bundles before you have access to the Community Center.  If you purchase a bundle before you have access to the community center, be warned-- you will be given access to the community center (you probably won't see the cut scene with Lewis), you will learn to read Junimo (you probably won't get mail from the wizard inviting you to his tower, but you will have access to it and will probably still see his cut scene the next time you enter), and if you purchase bundles for which there is no Junimo note in the Community Center, that Junimo note will appear.

Also, after completing bundles, you will need to go to the community center and claim your rewards, and view any cut scenes if you've completed any notes.

This mod requires SMAPI 40.1.1.

I feel I should add a disclaimer that this is my first attempt at graphical C# programming, and interacting with menus in SDV.

I initially built this for a high resolution screen (2560 x 1600), and then added some scaling calculations so it should fit on a 1080 screen.  Those were the only 2 resolutions I tested this with.  I hope it works for you.


1.0: Initial release
1.0-1: The default key generated by the config was "J", it has been correctly changed to "PageDown".
2.0: Fixed a few broken links, added others.  Included a few new shops.  Some rudimentary filtering is now available.
2.0-1: Stupid me... I forgot to change the homepage to 2.0
3.0: Added some nagivational helps (back button), Bundles Shop is now online, some changes to the animal purchase menu when inside an animal dwelling.  Added a configuration option, giveAchievements.