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Makes the Big Shed even bigger, with a usable space of 25x25 tiles. Very square and very simple.

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Even Bigger Shed will, as the name suggests, give you even bigger sheds. For now the vanilla big shed's dimension is 17x12, but this mod will increase the usable space to 25x25.

Because of the limitation of the game's code, custom sheds cannot have custom wallpaper and flooring, thus I have made a total of 8 wallpaper&flooring set for the big shed. This includes 6 sets that match the farmhouse's when you first start the game, and 2 custom sets that I made myself. I will also take request for other sets in the future. Keep in mind that this will applies to all big sheds that you have, as we're not able to add custom wallpaper and flooring in game.


How to use
  • After running the game, a config.json file will be created in the same folder. Open it and change the "style" to any option you want, see reference folder for all options.
  • This mod will only work if you have the Big Shed built! It will not work if you have the normal shed, so upgrade your shed at Robin's first!

Fixed bugs
  • 6/26/20: Spawn location is fixed. You can now exit through the door! Thanks to u/AusNaminator.

Known bugs
  • Almost half of the wall on the right side cannot be used (you cannot put any objects on the wall).

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.4.5 on Windows, haven't tested on other OS yet.

For modders only
  • I've made it very easy to edit the tbin file by including all necessary tilesets in the assets folder. You can easily edit the wallpaper and flooring to your liking if you don't like what comes with the mod.