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A MARRIAGEABLE custom NPC named Mike. Mike is a college student in ZuZu University who often wonders what his future holds. He is in need for a good friend, someone who he can really open up to. He majors in engineering and is the nephew of Gus. 144 lines, 8 events, festivals, and spouse room are included!

Permissions and credits
Works With: 
1. Karmylla's Immersive Maps
2. Miss Coriel's Unique Courtship Responses IIRC
3. Boarding House Extension
4. Stardew Valley Expanded
5. Looking for Love

***Please Remove Mike's Room files (Vanilla and Korean) if not used.***

For Saved Game Files: Mike needs to be talked to and he will start moving the following day.
Includes 144 lines, 8 events, Mike's room, a spouse room and festivals.

Required Mods:
SMAPI, Content Patcher

Optional Mods:

PyTK, TMXLoader for festivals, Mike's room and spouse room.
Boarding House Extension for Mike's Boarding House

Added Korean Translation! Please download MIKE_Korean.
한글 번역도 추가 되었습니다! MIKE_Korean을 다운 받아주세요.
한글로 된 마이크의 설명은 영어 설명 밑에 있습니다.

Mike is a college student in ZuZu University (abbreviated to ZZU) and majors in engineering.
He lives with Uncle Gus and loves Pelican Town so much that he manages to ride a bus to school every day.
He might seem like he is doing great, but soon you will realize that he needs a good friend... or more than a friend.

Loves and Hates:




It is my first time creating a mod, so there may be some mistakes.
Please kindly let me know if there is any issue with the mod.

한글 설명:
스포일러 탭을 열어주세요.