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Makes the train station at the railroad a functioning train station and allows modders to add more train stations to create a connected travel network

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Q: Help, the ticket station looks glitched/invisible! / I got a "The specified Tile Index is out of range" error!
This is caused by a mod you have installed changing the tilesheet order of the Railroad map, and there is nothing I can do about it on my end. It is a common problem caused by map mods even in vanilla. If you experience this issue, please go to the page of the map mod you are using and report it. The steps to fix it for the map maker is easy.

1. Make sure all original tilesheets exist, even if no tiles from them is used ( be aware especially that 1.4 added a new tilesheet that might not be included in older mods )
2. All tilesheets in the original map should have the same name as they did in vanilla. No existing tilesheets should be renamed
3. Any additional tilesheets, custom or vanilla, that does not exist in the original vanilla map need to be prefixed with `z`

This issue will be purely visual, and should not stop the normal function of Train Station

In the event that another mod modifies the railroad map and the ticket station ends up somewhere it shouldn't be, or getting off the train at the railroad map becomes an invalid spot, both can be adjusted in the Config.json

  "TicketStationX": 32,
  "TicketStationY": 40,
  "RailroadWarpX": 32,
  "RailroadWarpY": 42

Train Station is a mod that transforms the train station at the railroad into a working train station. A ticket booth is added that allows players to pay a fee to travel to other train stations set by modders.

Heavily inspired by the mod Bus Locations which does something similar but with the Bus.

This mod does more by not only adding destinations to the rail station, but also allow the placement of more rail stations via a map property. In this way, it's like a second minecart system. Train travel is accessed by a new ticket machine added to the station on the Railroads map. However, until other locations are added through content packs, the train station isn't functional.

Please make all bug reports in the Bugs tab, not Posts. I do not come on Nexus often and I can't read all the comments, but I will look at bugs. For suggestions, please submit an issue to my github

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of SMAPI
  2. Download and unzip Train Station into your mods folder
  3. Download content packs using

I'm accepting translations

For modders:
Adding a train station requires two parts. One is to add an access point to open the train menu. This is done via a map property, similar to the minecart one. The second part is to add a new option to that menu, which is done via a content pack.

Destinations can be made conditionally available through the vanilla event preconditions system

You can find the details at the README and take a look at the example pack I provided under optional downloads.


Find the source code of all my mods on my github