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Farms designed for people who play exclusively by themselves. Now includes all farm types with custom Greenhouse, Desert (fixed a cactus that blocks the minecart), and Shed.

Permissions and credits
**If you are on a platform that cannot use Farmhouse Redone then you will NOT be able to use this mod. Very sorry but its required to move the farm features in all of the maps.**

How to Install: Download the file and take the individual farm types out and place them in your mod folder. Don't just download the file and toss it in your mod folder. *NOTE* because this mod doesn't have an update manifest on its own (they are in the individual files) you will likely need to check back for updates without being prompted.

Extended Minecart Mod instructions: Open the config file in the Extended Minecart mod and change the custom farm location to 76, 8

About Sheds: The newest content update brought with it the bigger shed upgrade. However, my mod's sheds are already larger then both the sheds in game so simply build your shed and don't worry about the upgrade. 

The extra town interior file: If you choose to use A Toned Down Stardew Valley  set the config to "warm" and place this extra town interior tilesheet into the assets folder over writing the one that is in there. The reason you are doing this is to keep the greenhouse tiles the same all the way through. 

Known Issues:

5/26/20: Farmhouse redone has started throwing large block errors, while this is scary to look at so far nothing on the farms has broken. I assume that the mod will be updated soon(tm) and this won't be an issue for long. 

Forest Farm: Moving the farmhouse does cause small issues like Robin will upgrade your house but she doesn't move with the house so she's building away from the farmhouse. Warping after events places you in the old farmhouse location. Using the scepter will place you on the farmhouse stairs. I did not add in any "crop space" for this farm. While you are in the early game you can use the area where the beehives are set up to plant crops. Once you unlock the greenhouse you won't need any crops on the farm.

Wilderness Farm: The pond in the middle is usable as a swimming hole sometimes you have to wiggle around to get past the data tiles or you keep popping in and out of the water. Again no crop area was built into this farm so use the area where the beehives are in the early game to plant your crops.

Suggested Mods to use:
Json Assets: Fruits and Veggies
Json Assets: More Trees
Automate (for the beehives)

Q: How do you get those buildings and environment changes?

A: I use flower valley, which comes with some pretty great buildings but if you want the ones I have in the screen shot download the dutch buildings and place them in the flower valley folder (make sure the names match so the buildings get overridden). The specific mods I use for this are:
Flower Valley
A Toned Down Stardew Valley
Eemie's Map Recolors

Q: Can I just use one of your farms?

A: yes! if you don't want to use one of the farms simply don't put that folder into your SDV mod folder. The opposite is also true you can use all the farm types if you want. 

Q: SMAPI says i'm trying to load two maps at once...?

A: Check to make sure you don't have another mod loading the same farm type. If you have issues with this you can go to the SDV discord and get help without seeing your report its hard to pin point.

Q: Will this mod work with SVE?

A: It should... if you have issues again you can seek help on the SDV discord. I don't use SVE so I haven't tested it.