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Add 80+ Gem!

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Some illegal sites are stealing my mods.
I upload my mods only NEXUS!

I added more gems and some artwork to the game.
You get Pearl, Coral, and Larimar from Marine Jewel Farm.
You get silver, Platinum, and other gems from mine levels 100+ and skull cavern.
In future updates you will be able to make some jewelry (Just to sell, not wear), pottery, and glass art.

<How to Install?>
1. Move [CP], [JA], [PFM], [AP]  folders into /mods
Must delete old files!! DO NOT Overwrite!! 

2. Move custom_ore_nodes.json into the CustomOreNodes folder.
or merge it to your custom_ore_nodes.json if you are already using other custom node settings.

<Folder Info>
[JA] More Gem: includes jewel assets. Diamond, Garnet, Sapphire, Spinel, Topaz, Tourmaline, Jade, Agate, Amber, etc!
[PFM] More Gem: Allows for Silver and Platinum Bars to be made. Allows you to get Pearls, Corals, and glass sand from Marine Jewel Farm (Can buy recipe from willy), Allows you to get glass sand (2 Quartz + 2 Stone + 1 Limestone) from Mineral Rifiner (Can buy recipe from clint)

Test only PC Windows, Korean ver. Other OS/language operation is not guaranteed.

You might need the chest anywhere mod. Your inventory gets full in the blink of an eye. lol
I am not a native English speaker, so I wrote this mod based on Korean. If you can submit a better translation, please post it.

Add CP for change some Minerals category to gem.
Add some jewels and change CON file to get them. 
Change "Sand Rifiner" to "Mineral Rifiner" and add PFM rule get Ivory(need skull)/Rock salt/Pink Salt/Salt(More food)
Chinese Translation by motiam.
Anything Ponds Pearl and Coral option is based on Shellfish Produce Pearls.

Collaboration with other modes (If possible!)
Add some jewelry, glaze(Glass sand+jewel), pottery, and glass for More Gem Products. Gem Product Inspired Pottery Kiln and Poppi's Kawaii Valley. 또잠또잠(Ddom) give me some png asset that just needs codding. Gather gems and precious metals while waiting for updates!