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Add a new set of traditional Chinese costumes.

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All my mods just upload to NEXUS and BAIDU POST.
                                                 Please don't re-upload anywhere else








2.这些衣服尤其是下裙,是基于Ran‘s Fancy Farmer 制作的,如果用其他人模贴图可能会出现问题。


4.用Get Glam换装,大概是Get Glam自身的缘故或者我自己的mod冲突,腿部贴图会错乱。


最后,如果你喜欢的话,我可以准备开启制作男性传统服饰的计划 0 v 0 !


1. 需要前置SMAPI,CP和JA。


3. 将文件夹放入Mods文件夹里即可。


PS:关于发型的合并, 还有上面提到的人模下载下来也是一些图片需要自己转换成mod(XNB和CP均可,甚至可以做成Get Glam的文件使用),

First of all,I apologize for my poor English,some of the following nouns may be inaccurate > <

It took me a week to complete this mod , which include:

three coat skirt upper coats, three Tang-style skirt upper coats, two wedding coats, and seven corresponding lower skirts.

four hairstyles,three different styles of headwear(Multiple color)

Headwears, coats, skirts and hairstyles can be mapped into a suit or collocate for your own like.

These objects' name and description are written by Chinese,and I translated them into English. But it‘’s not very accurate,sorry for my poor English again_(:з」∠)_

1. Because of JsonAssets intrinsic BUG,in save page character's sprites will lose clothes if wear these clothes,.But it's all right in the game.

2.these clothes especially lower skirts are base on the body 
Ran's Fancy Farmer. It's may have some mistake with using other body or shoes.

3.hairstyles is a png which I put in the folder. Another file is a hairstyles' picture.Because it's maybe will replaces some hairstyles you like if I make them to CP or XNB.You could add them to game by yourself.

4.When I change dress by Get Glam, there is some bug with character's legs, I don't know why. : (

5.Just could edit this mod for yourself use.Please don't re-upload anywhere else without my permission.

Finally, if you like this mod, I will plan to make costumes for male character. 0 v 0!

1.This mod need SMAPI, CP and JA

2.Download this file and unzip it.

3.Put the folder in "Mods".

4.Except hats are available at hat shops, shirts and pants which add by JA can't be available in the normal way.You could get them by CJB.  CJB’Nexus page

PS:About the hairstyles and the body mod(Ran’s Fancy Farmer)are some pictures which need to turn to CP or XNB version, even Get Glam's file by yourself. If you don't know how to do it, please tell me and I will help you.