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Aurora GSI for Stardew Valley is a mod that is able to control the lighting of your (compatible) peripherals and make them react to events and values in the game.

Permissions and credits
Aurora GSI for Stardew Valley is a mod that sends game variables from Stardew Valley to the Aurora RGB peripheral lighting software.
Aurora can then use these variables to change the lighting on individual keys on your RGB Keyboard,
such as making a health bar or light up your keyboard in the color of you selected Item.

The official Aurora GitHub page, which contains a list of compatible devices, is here.
Make sure to download Aurora, this mod achieves nothing without it.
Aurora is an open-source unified keyboard, mouse, etc. lighting software that
supports many different brands including Logitech, Razer, Corsair and
many more. It is highly customisable and provides an unprecedented level
of control.

1. Open and configure Aurora.
2. Download and install SMAPI.
3. Download the archive.
4. Extract the archive in your Stardew Valley mod folder.
5. Run the game.

Predefined Effects:
  • ´╗┐´╗┐blue while in menu
  • "paper/yellew color" while loading
  • health bar if visible in game
  • red flash when you take damage
  • energy bar
  • rain/snow/debris(fall) effect
  • background color depending on the current season.

  • if you uncheck the "Background/Season" layer you will get an ingame time based one instead.

Some of the current available data. If you need anything else for your profile feelfree to contact me:
  • gamestatus: TitleMenu/Loading/InGame
  • current menu
  • current minigame/cutscene
  • chat opened

  • selected slot

  • Quest available/NewQuest/Quest count

  • location
  • is outdoor
  • health/energy
  • healthbar visible

  • season
  • is festival/wedding day
  • time (Hour/Minute)
  • Weather (raining/snowing/debris/lightning)