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Robin never upgraded the house, all she did was clean the rubble grandpa left you !
It turns out the house actually had an attic and a bathroom covered up by the rubble !
Incompatible with MTN.

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Robin lied to you because how the heck can someone double the size of a house in 2 days ?!
All she did was patch up the walls a bit and clean up all this damn rubble grandpa left because grandpa couldn't afford the cleaning fee, i mean, did you see the state of the farm when you first came to the Valley ?!

This mod revamps the FarmHouse so Robin didn't really upgrade it ( apart from the outside looks ), she just trashed the rubble and junk and repaired the house. 
The Default Farmhouse already has the kitchen, but you can't use it since it's a horrible state. It also has the stairs that go up to the kid's room and the corridor that goes to the bedroom of the 1st upgrade. It has another stairway going down to a small room containing a ladder, that ladder, goes to an attic.
The 1st FarmHouse upgrade has a slightly bigger Bedroom, ( Same width as the 2nd upgrade bedroom's width ) except for when you're married, and stairs leading to a bathroom on the top right corner of the bedroom ( blocked with rubble ). The Kitchen has been fixed and the attic is accessible.
The 2nd FarmHouse upgrade is basically the default one, except that there is the ladder room leading to the attic, the attic will be completely empty, and finally.... you can access the bathoom ! You can shower ( at least pretend to ), bathe ( and restore energy ), and change your looks at the mirror, heck, you can even sleep in the bath tub ( not recommended you might drown yo )!

Disclaimer : The Farmhouses that contain a spouse room do not look the same in the final version because of issues related to Farmhouse Redone. They are very similar tho.

Please, report any issues on the bug page. Thank you for using my mod :)