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Let's decorate the garden with beautiful flowers growing in Korea!

Permissions and credits
Some illegal sites are stealing my mods.
I upload my mods only NEXUS!

I have implemented several flowers that grow in my hometown.
It grows in Korea and neighboring countries.

Move [JA] Korea Blossom into /mods.

< Spring >
왕벚나무 Cherry Blossom Tree
흰목련나무 White Magnolia Tree
작은 왕벚나무 Small Cherry Blossom Tree (crop)  <NEW! (1.6.0)
흰목련나무 Small White Magnolia Tree (crop)  <NEW! (1.6.0)
개나리 Korean Forsythia
진달래 Korean Rosebay
철쭉 Royal Azalea
영산홍 Red Rhododendron lateritium
자영산 Pink Rhododendron lateritium
백영산 White Rhododendron lateritium
할미꽃 Korean pasque flower
복수초 Adonis Amurensis 
변산바람꽃 Byeonsan Wind Flower

아카시아 나무  Black Locust Tree
작은 아카시아 나무 Small Black Locust Tree (crop)  <NEW! (1.6.0)
봉선화(봉숭아) Garden Balsam
금강초롱 Geumgang-Cholong  
달맞이꽃 Evening Primrose
석곡 Dendrobium Moniliforme (Korea orchids)
해오라비난초 Habenaria Radiata (Korea orchids)
주름제비란 Gymnadenia Camtschatica (Korea orchids)
나도제비란 Orchis Cyclochila (Korea orchids)
타래난초 Spiranthes Sinensis (Korea orchids)

<Summer & Fall>
무궁화 Rose of Sharon (White / Pink)

동백꽃 Winter Camellia (Red / Pink / White)

화전 Flower Pancake - need "Korean Rosebay"
아카시아 튀김 Fried Black Locust  - need "Black Locust"

<Optional file>
Korean Rosebay and Royal Azalea will be 3-colored! (not regrow)
If you want to use this setting, overwrite optional file to each folder.

Hybrid Crop Engine Add-on
50% grow Pink Rhododendron lateritium/Winter Pink Camellia between Red&white Rhododendron lateritium/Winter Camellia
Thanks to 이프러프 for testing!
small trees are inspired by Lumisteria Small Fruits Tree.
giant flower idea is inspired by neo's giant flowers.
All giant crop image draw by 모테일(Mochitail)
Chinese Translation by motiam
Portuguese Brazil Translation by YuugenKyungMi2S