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Caught the Mayor in a scandalous act and declared you're going to "Tell everyone" but disappointed because nothing comes of it?
Well now it can!
At least for three days.

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You're shocked and horrified - you've caught the Mayor and your friend Marnie in a lover's quarrel. You've declared you will announce it to the world... well, are you a gossip or can you keep quiet?

This event will only trigger if you answer "I'm going to tell everyone" when challenged by the Mayor in that particular scene.
The moment you install this mod, even if you answered the question days, weeks, even years ago, it will be activated. Delayed goss is definitely a thing!
You will receive a letter, and once read, everytime you speak to a villager (with a couple of exclusions) you will be offered a choice - to tell, or not to tell?
If you dish the dirt, prepare to reap the consequences.
If you stay quiet, enjoy a new line - or more - of dialogue from each villager.

Disclaimer: This mod was written for fun, late at night. Whilst I have tried to capture the villagers' voices and personalities I have not taken into account your heart level with them or other circumstances. If anyone's reaction or dialogue feels dramatically non-canon, please let me know.

It may be expanded in future to allow other characters to discuss current events such as Elliot's book reading, Leah's art show, Sam's concert...
It really depends on if I have the motivation and don't get side-tracked by my numerous other projects (and RL commitments).