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Custom map, with a decent space for crops and a lot of secrets to discover.

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I decided to yeet myself into Stardew map editing, and created a custom farm map for my farmer OC - I decided to share it in case anyone wanted to play on it!

Solastia Farm is a foresty hill farm with areas set up for coops/barns, and some other little aesthetic areas. There are a few secret areas, see if you can find them all!

Has been tested both single player and multiplayer so shouldn't have any issues. Also tested with recolours and should work as expected.

I am unsure if it is compatible with SVE, due to the different warp points it has with Immersive Farm Map 2, so I wouldn't recommend using this with SVE. I don't plan to do any compatibility patches for it.

This map uses elements of DaisyNiko's tilesheets, so you will need to download them here

Any issues in regards to event clipping, do let me know, as I might be able to alter the map accordingly.

EDIT 12/5/20: Have added the config option so you can choose which map this replaces - however I was unable to get it working for FourCorners. The rest work fine upon testing however. I've also added a petbowl alteration so it looks more seamless on the paving instead of just being a different background. Have also added more foliage and blocking so people shouldn't have issues now getting stuck (if you find any other areas please let me know!).

DaisyNiko for the tilesheets and also my major inspiration for making this farm map (go check out their maps, they are gorgeous)
DevilBro for creating the steam tiles
Major thanks to folks at the SDV discord for listening to me flail about with testing issues!