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Provides access to the hilltop and valley in the Wilderness/Combat farm map only. Plant your own trees in the valley or grow some flowers on the hilltop!

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NOW COMPATIBLE WITH UPDATE 1.3!! ContentPatcher required. Many thanks to junali on the forums! <3

This mod provides access to the hill and valley on the Wilderness/Combat farm map. Plant your own trees in the valley or grow some flowers on the hilltop! Worms can spawn in the valley (and probably the hilltop) and now you can access them - see screenshots for an example. Theoretically placing buildings in the valley or on the hill should also be possible, since the tiles in those areas have the "Buildable" property on them - however, I haven't tested this yet. Will update the description when I do!

Features in all versions:

  •  access valley through upper and lower staircases
  •  adds a fence instead of invisible blocks on the valley map edge
  •  makes valley trees choppable
  •  adds a staircase to the hilltop 
  •  moves some of the trees & bushes to make the hilltop more usable
  •  makes grass diggable. I realize this might be a controversial change, but it allows for more options when planning out your farm and for planting things on the hilltop and in the valley. Feel free to continue not digging up the grass though! :)

  1.  Basic: includes all the changes from the list above, but nothing else. Can be installed on a pre-existing Wilderness/Combat save with no ill effect.
  2.  Basic_NoBushes: removes the bushes and some flowers from the valley to make more space for farming/buildings/etc. Otherwise the same as the Basic version.
  3.  Pond: Makes the lake a pond, and moves it from the center of the farm to the lower-right corner, as well as including all features above. Make a new save when using, or make sure to clear the lower right corner of debris otherwise they will cover the pond.
  4.  Pond_NoBushes: Moves the lake and makes it a pond, as well as removing bushes & flowers from the valley.

ContentPatcher Installation:
- Extract the ZIP file into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
- Edit the config.json to choose which version you want. Values include "Basic", "NoBushes", "Pond", or "PondNoBushes".
- Select the Wilderness farm when starting a new game!

 - Extract somewhere (not to the game folder).
 - Choose which version you'd like to use.
 - Re-name it to "Farm_Combat.xnb".
 - Copy it to Stardew Valley/Content/Maps.
 - Select the Wilderness farm when starting a new game!

 - Official discussion thread

Please endorse the mod if you use it and like it, and be sure to let me know if you run into any bugs. :)

When using the Pond versions, make sure to either start a new save, or clear the lower right corner of trees/stumps/debris. If installed on an uncleared existing save, there will be debris etc. covering the pond. EXAMPLE: