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Craft the following machines with fewer resources: oil maker, bee house, preserve jars, and lightning rod. There's a config file if you only want some of those machines to be easier.

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This mod makes the following machines require fewer resources to build:
  • Oil Maker: requires 20 slime instead of 50, and 10 hardwood instead of 20
  • Bee House: requires 3 coal instead of 8
  • Preserve Jar: requires 3 coal instead of 8
  • Lightning Rod: requires 1 bat wing instead of 5

I originally made this for personal use to make it a little bit easier to craft these machines.

If there are other items/machines someone is interested in seeing take more or fewer resources to craft, let me know! I can take a look at creating a mod for that.


This mod requires both SMAPI and Content Patcher to work.


If you'd prefer to only have some of these changes, you can turn off individual changes to the machines in the config file by setting them to "false" (they all default to true). Default config file:
  "OilMaker": "true",
  "BeeHouse": "true",
  "PreservesJar": "true",
  "LightningRod": "true"

Note that the mod does not come packaged with a config file. The config file will be generated after you run the game with the mod installed at least once. 


1. Install SMAPI (version 3.0 or higher)
2. Install Content Patcher
3. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
4. Play the game using SMAPI!


Carlesama, whose mod More Valuable Diamond was how I learned how easy it could be to modify attributes for items, and inspired me to investigate modifying crafting recipes!
kdau, who helped me set up the code for this mod in the SDV Discord!
Pathoschild, author of SMAPI, without them, this mod wouldn't be possible.
Digus, author of Producer Framework (PFM) mod, without them, this mod wouldn't be possible either.

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