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A new NPC known as Caleb di Flagro will join Pelican Town.
He is a visitor hailing from a place known as "Sistenasi", and is a member of a guild called as the "Foribus Regis".
He will definitely be a big help to the players once they get to know him

Permissions and credits

• Caleb di Flagro is a young-looking man in his late 20s hailing from the city of "Sistenasi". He is a scion of a well-known family that manages High-End Security Groups in his hometown. He is also a member of a guild known as "Foribus Regis" which is popular for helping people from all around the country by providing support in different ways. Caleb was tasked by his guild master to connect with Pelican Town and its people in hopes of a partnership between them.

• 1.0.3 (as of June 19, 2020)

• This NPC Mod requires the latest versions of the following:
- Content Patcher
- Custom NPC Fixes
- TMXL Map Toolkit
- PyTK

• Make sure that all the requirements of this mod (listed above) is installed.
• Extract the compressed file and place the "[CP] Caleb" folder under "\Stardew Valley\Mods"

• All the basic functionality / features for Caleb is available
• Additional contents will be included in the future
• This mod will be updated from time to time
• If there are errors / bugs found, please notify the author (thanks in advance!)
• This mod is currently compatible with the latest version of SDV (1.4.5)
• This mod is currently compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE)

• Loved Items:
- Green Tea, Caviar, Triple Shot Espresso, Lobster Bisque
- Golden Pumpkin, Diamond, Prismatic Shard, Sweet Gem Berry

• Liked Items:
- Salmon Dinner, Chocolate Cake
- Ancient Sword, Obsidian
- Tea Set, Tea Sapling

• Neutral Items:
- Bars, Ores, Minerals
- Food, Eggs
- Flowers
- Solar Essence, Void Essence

• Disliked Items:
- Fishes
- Crafted Objects, Crafting Materials
- Wild Forage, Seeds

• Hated Items: 
- Weeds, Stones, Trash Items
- Fishing Materials
- Fertilizers
- Bug Meat, Slime, Bat Wings

• Birthday: Fall 10

• In addition to what Caleb prefers to have, this man also likes giving gifts back to those  who befriended him! Here are some things he may provide the players from time to time (yes, he is quite an enthusiast for food):
- Green Tea, Ice Cream, Cookies, Coffee
- Complete Breakfast, Dish O' the Sea, Bean Hotpot, Fried Calamari
- Gold Bar, Life Elixir, Muscle Remedy

• Caleb is a representative of the Foribus Regis guild and is present in Pelican Town to help build relations. He moves around the Town quite actively and may only see him standing in a place at a given point. For the current mod version, Caleb has an almost generic schedule per day throughout the year with bits of variations according to the season the player is in.

• Monday Schedule: Check Pelican Town's Businesses
- Town Square -> Clinic -> Blacksmith -> Museum -> Carpentry Shop -> Saloon

• Tuesday Schedule: Monster Hunting
- Beach -> Mines -> Pelican Town's Guild House -> Forest (Spring / Summer)
- Spa -> Mines -> Pelican Town's Guild House -> Forest (Fall / Winter)

• Wednesday Schedule:  Check Pelican Town's Food Establishments
- Pierre's Shop -> Marnie's Barn -> Willie's Fish Store -> Saloon

• Thursday Schedule: Observation of Town's State
- Town Square -> Forest -> Museum -> Saloon

• Friday Schedule: Coordination with other Foribus Regis Clients
- Forest (Travelling Merchant) -> Wizard's Tower -> Pelican Town's Guild House -> Forest

• Saturday Schedule: Check the Status of the Townspeople
- Roam around the Town Square -> Beach -> Saloon

• Sunday Schedule: Tracing (Spring / Fall)
- Forest -> Town -> Mountains -> Spa

• Sunday Schedule: Personal Training (Summer / Winter)
- Town -> Forest -> Wizard's Tower -> Spa

• To be added