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Make more mead variants!

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Some illegal sites are stealing my mods.
I upload my mods only NEXUS!

Iet's make more mead variants! 
I add a mead keg and some mead. 
1.1.0 ver, Add Rock Honey. This is a special wild honey used for medicinal purposes. Rock Honey can't be made mead, and it is toxic. Just for sell.
1.2.0 ver, PFM Update : Add grape rule for Pyment. Add rose rule for Rhodomel. Add Fresh Mint Leaf(Tea Time) rule for Dandaghare. JA Update: Add Melomel for other fruit.

====  Log Beehive =====
1 flower to Log Beehive = 1 Rock Honey

===== Mead Keg : Vanilla =====
Fruit  not used other mead  = Melomel 

Maple Syrup = Acerglyn
Blueberry = Bilbemel
Hot Pepper = Capsicumel
Fairy Rose = Rhodomel
Hops = Braggot
Wine = Pyment
Apple = Cyser
Tea Leaves = Metheglin
Vinegar = Oxymel
Grape = Pyment

===== Even More Recipes =====
Caramel = Bochet

===== Fruits and Veggies =====
Elderberry = Bochetomel
Mint = Dandaghare
Ginger = Metheglin
Juniper Berry = Midus
Raspberry = Rubamel
Jalapeno = Capsicumel

===== More Trees =====
Cinnamon Sticks = Metheglin
Vanilla = Metheglin
Lemon = Sima

====  Mizu's Flowers  ====
Rose = Rhodomel
Spring Rose = Rhodomel
Summer Rose= Rhodomel
Fall Rose= Rhodomel

==== Six Plantable Crops for Winter  ====
Blue Rose = Rhodomel

===== Artisan Valley =====
Yeast = Tej
Barley Malt = Braggot

===== Fizzy Drinks =====
Birch Bark = Pitarrilla

===== Bonster's Crop =====
Blackcurrant = Black mead
Peppercorn = Capsicumel
Green Chile = Capsicumel
Red Currant = Red mead
Rose Hips = Rhodomel
White Alpine Strawberry = White mead
White Currant = White mead

==== Tea Time ====
Fresh Mint Leaf = Dandaghare

====  Champagne Wishes  ====
Champagne Grape = Pyment

====  Stardew Vineyard  ====
All Grape = Pyment

Must need JA/PFM. (CCM is optinal) 
Just move into /mods
If you not install all other custom crop/recipe mod, you can see yellow log on SMAPI but this mod still working.

Since I am not in Mead culture, I referred to the wiki.
I am not a native English speaker, so I wrote it based on Korean. If you can submit a better translation, please post it. It is beta mod. It worked, but I don't know how to adjust the balance.
And all images are vanilla mead's recolor.
welcome your help to improve the mod!

+Great Thank to revenorror!
I inspired revenorror's Flower Meads mod!
and premission flower mead code in PFM, adjust balance in JA, inspected English translation , Fix PFM Error and made CCM file!
+Use PixeledLobsters' Log Beehive art for "Log Beehive" item!