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Stardew Hypnos: sleep in NPC beds, enter their houses whenever you want!

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Stardew Hypnos - Sleeping Overhaul
Stardew Valley sleeping improvements

sleep in, enter NPC homes whenever you want!

1. Information
Stardew Hypnos allows farmers to:
  • Sleep in beds owned by NPCs, being able to restrict this feature to only romantic partners (default), friends (with a minimum of hearts configuration) or just everyone.
  • Enter friend or bachalor(ette) houses at any time.
  • Widely configure Hypnos options, enabling easy extension of the modification.
2. Configuration
1. MinimumRelationship => The minimum relationship type needed to use the new features.
  • OnlyPartners: NPCs must be dating, engaged or married with the Farmer
  • Friends: NPCs must be friends with the Farmer
  • Everyone: NPCs have no bond restrictions with the Farmer (note: doors will only be open for friends, not everyone.)
2. MinimumFriendshipHearts => The amount of hearts needed to be considered a friend with a NPC.
3. KeepFriendDoorsOpen => Whether doors should be open at all times for locations owned by allowed NPCs.
4. NPCsByWarp => Collection with allowed NPCs in a certain location.
5. BedTileIndexes => Collection of bed tile indexes in a tilesheet.
6. BlacklistedBedTiles => Collection of blacklisted bed locations by map names.

... and
3. Thanks

  • SMAPI developers
  • Stardew Valley Discord (support)
  • STCoala (testing)